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The Task:
As an employee who is very determined about his/her work, you are very
particular about things going around in your company and you will exactly
know anything that goes right or wrong. In doing so, you would like to browse through all the primary and secondary sources that you have to find any recent information being reported or published regarding your company. This is one of your routines and you would rather present this information in a meeting conducted at your company which is going to be held once a month. In doing so, normally, you will find at least three articles containing both linear and non-linear texts regarding any issue that reflects the company itself. Moreover, before the meeting initiates, you will come out with a presentation outline that will assist you to deliver an effective presentation regarding the information that you have obtained from those three articles.

To help you in your preparation, you can find any relevant article related to the listed / reference company that you have referred to in Assessment I. You can find the articles from any secondary or internal sources that you manage to find. Take all necessary information from those articles and use them as if they are actually related to the company that you have presented in Assessment I. Still, if you have difficulties in doing so, feel free to adapt any suitable article that you manage to find about any particular company and then invent all the details so that those articles can be assumed to be related to your company.

Then, you need to present all the information about the articles in a formal meeting. The format of the presentation is all yours as long as each member of the meeting manages to obtain necessary information that you want to convey.

This task needs to be presented in week 10 (30th January 2011 – 5th February 2011). Each presentation will exactly be ten (10) minutes. The requirements for the presentation are as follow:
·        The three original articles (both linear and non-linear text)
·        The outline (according to the format)
·        The presentation (the simplest one might be the power point presentation)
·        The copy of slides presentation (before your presentation)

assignment mood forever, knez hassim.

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