Just a little girl...

Hello, again..
I'm just wanna type something that keep flying in my mind.
But first, excuse my grammar.
Why? Haha of course I'm a Malay.
The bahasa will rojak

So this is one of my newest post, so I thought that I should share something about me. 

My nickname is Knez which is an acronym instead of my full name.
I used this nickname since primary school until now and few of friends still calling me with that name, amazed? 

I'm from TGG, Malaysia. Yeah, from the main town, of course!

I'm actually have been 11 years with blogger.com
But I've decided to draft all my previous post due to matured reason.

2018, I just become 26 this year. Urgh!

It is too old?
Hahaha come on, the blogger are just for 90s kids la. 
Why, because the kids nowadays are addicted by new wave such tiktok, snapchat, wechat, beego and etc. 

I'm already married last year. With my only man other than my Abah. 
Alhamdulillah, in this 26th of August will be our first marriage anniversary. 
We're 8 years and 14 days together since my Diploma year. 
We first met at school as the not-so-close schoolmate in 2007 in 3 Ar-Rahman class. Hmmm, he just a nerd.
But then I realized that I like a nerdy-looked man with spectacles. 
And he likes me too. Kahkahkah I meant this loveydoveyfeeling came after the end of school meh, 2010.

I'm just a normal girl at school. I don't have "monkeylove" as I hate wasting my precious time, my topup prepaid and my friendship moments. Get it?

But now I keep asking my husband, "kenapa kita tak bercinta zaman sekolah dulu? kan sweet? boleh paww awak banyak2?" Lalalalala
Because I just paww my other friends. Silly. Haha

So, thats all about me. 

Wanna get more about me?
Just search me on google and follow my any socmed account. Hahaha easy right?

This blog is just for my soul's writing and I bet it will become problem expression place. Meanwhile my facebook is just for reading and sharing news, then my instagram is for sharing photos and my twitter is the place that I can swore. 

Go find it, hehehehe. 

Sorry for too feeling too famous. 

And sorry to broken grammar and I don't mind pun. 

Just wrote, 


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