Keep moving forward....

Hi guys, evening....
And it is 11:47pm right now, just wanna type something before bed.
So it has been not really one week I’m in TGG, already miss my soulpartner.
The only man that can be rely on when you in a weak condition.
So many work waiting for me. But I still in relax mood. Haha
And yesterday, was really messy for me. I met up with the bank and auditor.
Feeling like something just bomb my mind!
Too many argument and still there is no answer, no solution, And you know what, I have to go to KL again to discuss this problem. Again, tired la.

So I still calming down myself by saying, it is okay to be late as long as it is not wrong.
Zappp, I forgot to submit GST03 for April and May 2018. Oh my. My mood was ruined. Go home and sleep. Kah kah kah
Walawehhh how how how. The due date is coming within 5 days.
On the same date, I have to pay the staf salary and a few cheques will need to be cleared.
Ok chill, this Sunday! Pray for me dear.

And will be continue.... too lazy to type pulak.


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