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Hello and good afternoon.. 
So today is my last hibernation period and I'm going back to TGG this night.
There are a ton of works and responsibilities waiting for me.
My auditor keeps texting me to settle up the not-tally account statement with bank. 
It has been two months she hold my draft report. HAHA
Sorry, I need my own time. I need to rest. And I need my husband.

So, what I wanna share today is about the current wave, the soc-med environment become more uncontrollable. Everyone are chasing the popularity by doing stupid things. Ridiculous. Annoyed. 
Yes, I'm so boring for just staying here at home, so that's why I'm scrolling the Instagram's explore and found a lot of stupid person doing the stupid things. Why bother? 

I think all the readers know that I'm an employer and I'm searching for the worker with all different ages and gender. Before hired an employee, I need to study their behavior first because the best worker comes with the best attitudes. I was really tired to hire someone who are really not serious to work. They just not motivated as the previous generation. And nahh, I'm typing about the Z generation as starting with the birth year 1993. 

They are lazy, passive, not motivated, low attitude, no respect, no knowledge, stupid and arrogant, feeling so clever but not, take it too easy, and etc. They love to change their work as to collect a lot of experience (what they think), but they don't realized how WE judges them. Ahha, they'll never realized that.

Lemme tell you the secret of HUMAN RESOURCES strategy :

1. Too many job (more than one job within a year)

*Yeah some says it's cool to have a lot of jobs because more jobs more experiences. 

HR :  Rubbish. Why? Because the boss will think either the previous boss has a problem or YOU are the problem. But, if the previous company is really famous and stable in term of paying the salary and has a good reputation, would you blame that boss or the worker?

Got it?

2. The ages and the marital status (sorry for married woman)

*The married or engaged woman will be unqualified for apply the job. 

HR :  Too much commitment. Okay, this is for unthinking jobs. Such as the promoter, the salesgirl, the operational. Why? Because we need you to go outstation for a certain period at least two weeks meet the public. If you are married, do your husband allowed it? Oh, do your MIL get it right? Ahha, I bet is NO. And if you have a child, do you mind to left your child away for two weeks? And again I bet is NO. Do not compare you as a worker and I as an employer. If I have a child, but still I don't have to go outstation for two weeks because it is your job, not mine. My job is to give you the JOB. So it's differ with thinker job which it is okay for a married person to have that kind of job because the boss need your IQ and your experience. Thinker jobs are more like professional jobs such a doctor, an accountant, an auditor, a lawyer, an architecture, an engineer, a teacher and similar. 

3. Parents' occupational

*We don't take a wealthy person or son of the rich man or grandson of the CEO. Haha

HR :  Because why they have to work? They are already rich and have a lot of money. They are asking for a job because to hunt a life partner or just to enjoy their life same as the others did. So their motivation to work is zero because they don't mind the salary at all. They just want a FRIEND. When we hired them, they will encourage the other worker to become lazy and useless like them. Got it, rich boy?

4. The level of education

*Hmm, sorry for degree and above. Your place is just not here. 

HR :  The degree student will demand the higher salary and the lucky thing is they does not have any experience. The fresh graduate is too picky about the job. They are also not so clever. They are searching the job by using the Facebook group which offers the low basic salary job. Their qualification is just for wallpaper. They ask for a salesgirl position with the expected salary for RM1800 in TGG? Sound silly or silly? Because of their degree? I don't care at all. Even the internship also clueless and blur, how can we hire them? Ask government to give you a job, if you the are ONE. 

So, that's all from my opinion. Don't blame me, I'm just giving some tips for you. 

Truly spoke, 


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